Some app icons (indicators) missing in panel

Coming from Ubuntu with Gnome3 I miss some of my icons in the application indicator icon part of the panel. Like Signal messenger icon, Discord, Tunderbird (with new mail), Nextcloud, Spotify and some others. A few working as expected, like Steam, Telegram … Thought, this is a Gnome-thing.

How can I bring them back?

Hi @HansD :wink:

I don’t use gnome, but these things i assume, can be solved with extensions like:

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Ty (again), :slight_smile:
this is already installed by default and seem to be up to date. Some Indicators working, some not. The Version for Ubuntu is the same and working like expected. Weird.


  • signal
  • discord
  • spotify

are electron apps. Seems there is a problem with them with latest Gnome (still open since 2017):

Maybe thunderbird needs a addon to work?

Keep also sure all libs are installed:

pamac search --no-aur indicator | egrep "^lib"

Good point. Now I wondering, why Ubuntu shows them. Neverrmind.
I’ll give XFCE a try now. :innocent: