SOLVED: Which is correct version to download for Raspberry Pi 4B?

I need to download/flash a new Manjaro ISO for a Raspberry Pi model 4B. The drop-down list in Manjaro ARM Flasher has a large number of entries, starting with arm6-plus and ending with quartz64-bsp, but nothing which clearly refers to a Raspberry Pi. Which of the many versions should I take?


The drop-down list doesn’t include that one. I assume that I’ll have to download the rpi4 image from Manjaro Downloads and then use it as a local image in Manjaro Arm Flasher. Is that correct?

It is listed in the drop-down as “RASPBERRY PI 4B/400/3B+/3B/ZERO 2”.


You should select the rpi4-64 from the drop down menu in the Manjaro ARM Flasher.

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