[Solved] Using super+number for changing between open applications

I have been searching for a way to change between open applications in XFCE using super+number hotkey, but I really never found any good solution.

I know this feature is available out of the box in KDE. But I have not found any setting in XFCE to do anything similar.

Basically it’s if I have 5 open applications, then when using fx. super+3 that would focus application 3 in the taskbar (window buttons). Repressing super+3 would minimize the application again.

Anyone have a good solution?

Best wishes,

I’d say you’re looking at getting a panel to do that. I use gestures mapped with keyboard shortcuts, though I don’t use XFCE, but for me there are plasma shortcuts, and they work also with Latte dock - for direct selection, otherwise you’re stuck with ‘next’ and ‘prev’ to cycle them.

I’d expect other docks and panels to be able to do this job, but I’m a mouse jockey so I wouldn’t swear by it.

Polybar is a big one…

I managed to find an okay solution.

Found a 6 years old guide for Xubuntu:

Install wmctrl and create a Python script (found in the guide) and place it in ~/.local/bin (different location then mentioned in the guide).

Afterwards create the keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:

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