[SOLVED] Update Frequency How frequently (on average) should I receive updates?

I switched to Manjaro from Debian and Ubuntu based distros just a few days ago. After I downloaded the KDE Manjaro ISO and installed it I had 2 updates. Firefox and something else. Since then I have had no updates. On Debian or similar there are updates daily, or more frequent.

Am I doing something incorrect, or is it common with Manjaro to not have updates daily or more frequent?

Great experience thus far. Very impressive distro!

Manjaro is Semi-Rolling, meaning the updates from Arch Stable are making their way to Manjaro unstable pretty much daily, from there they are “collected” and released to manjaro testing as one “block” and to stable afterwards.
So it’s not really uncommon to have several days or sometimes weeks without updates in stable, yes.


Manjaro is a rolling release so, Stable Branch gets updates once a month. On Testing Branch 2 - 3 days every 2 weeks. On Unstable Branch every day.

You can change Branches with one simple command:
sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch {branch}



Not exactly.
There is no set timetable.
I would say its commonly more like 1-4 weeks, depending.
(with some security hotfixes and such besides)
We are expecting a new set of Stable updates relatively soon.


Excellent!! Thank you for the very quick response! I am so far extremely pleased with the Manjaro Eco-system.

I have one other semi-related question.

On Debian Unstable is to most everyone’s standards stable and only considered unstable due to the most stringent of standards. I’ve used Debian sid (unstable) for a very long time with almost no bugs or issues. Is this a similar case with Arch based distros or does unstable actually mean unstable and I should avoid it unless I take pleasure in a non-functional desktop.

Most users of Unstable use it happily without any major issues as a ‘daily driver’ (like me).
The main thing is whether or not you can be responsible for your system if something does require manual intervention. But if you could run Arch-stable confidently you can probably run Manjaro-unstable just fine.

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i’ve been on testing as my daily driver for a year now and haven’t had any issues so far - so you can somehow compare it to sid ^^

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So I just switched to unstable and there 432 updates. Does this seem correct?

Geeze, plasma 5.20.2 from the repo! That’s unheard of from where I come from. I was on 5.14 and tried KDE Neon and was 5.20.1. Loving the Manjaro and AUR repos. They have EVERYTHING!

@Termy you were faster than me :wink:

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Yeah probably.

Testing would be better because on RR Distros you can become issues in update process or after (unstable is for Developers, but if your knowledge is very good on linux feel free to try).

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