[SOLVED] So close to having 3 monitors running using intergrated and dedicated graphics.

I've scoured online forums and online tutorials and I think I'm close enough to ask a question on how to use integrated graphics and dedicated graphics to run 3 displays.
I have two HDMI ports on my Geforce GT 1030, and one on my onboard AMD ATI super sumo Radeon HD 6410D.
After doing a little bit of all I could find I have reached the point where I am able to see all displays. My joy was short lived however when i enabled the third display and then after as long as the other displays were plugged in I couldn't get passed the login screen. I would type in my password and press enter, the screen would go black, and revert me back to the login screen.
At the peak when all seemed to be working I had (in BIOS) intergrated graphics enabled, on board (i forgot the acrynym) forced, 512 mb dedicated to ( the card?) and auto detect on the port.
My mother board is ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. F1A75-M PRO.

I you can offer a tweak that will get my system up and running I ask that you please help, and if I need to edit xorg( which I can barely understand what that is) I could use some expertise.

Thank you in advance and I'll be on to check the thread and hopefully create one with a simple solution to this complicated problem plaguing linux users.

This thread helped me although I still don't know how to edit xorg. Still working on the solution.

I got everything working by wiping my hardrive and installing xfce.

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