[SOLVED] Show battery percentage in panel

New to Manjaro. Just downloaded and installed today. The was a kernel update in the subsequent update.

Just wanted to show the battery percentage in the panel. Searched everywhere, could not find it.

I don’t use Xfce. I guess some widgets exists to do so?

Hi! If you right-click on the panel and select Panel then Add New Items there is a Power Manager Plugin you can select. That should do the trick :wink:


You will need to right click that and choose Properties: Show Percentage.

None of these are sowing the option for showing percentage. Clicking the battery icon opens the Xfce power manager. Checked panel options as well, there is nothing.

Right-click your panel > panel > new element - there you have to add the energie management widget (don’t know the exact english term being used) to your panel. By right-clicking the new battery icon in the panel you can tick ‘percentage’ in properties.

Switch off ‘show notification symbol’ in the xfce energie management settings to remove the ‘old’ battery icon (you can click on the widget icon to get to the energie settings).

When you right-click the panel item and click Properties, a box should appear giving you options of what show: time, percentage etc. You must right-click, not left-click. I know it works because I am doing it as I write this. @anon88624618 is right in what he is saying too.

We are talking about two different items/icons. It doesn’t work by right-clicking on the icon @fanjaro is currently using. He needs to add the widget first.

Agreed. The one in the notifications area needs to be turned off.

Thanks it’s done. Took a long time for me to find out.

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