[solved] Netwoking issue

from plasma to others/sway, networkmanager was down.
so, how can bring up network auto, not to install another nm-apple?
or, keep network connected when SDDM running?

sorry, poor english.

First define what kind of network connection you have in mind.
Is it Wifi or Ethernet?

See also: systemd-networkd - ArchWiki

sorry, its wifi mostly.
does netctl good choice? netplan?

I have heard there was some issues with dhcpcd lately. Can you downgrade to the previous one?

plasma fresh install, no dpcpcd previous one.

In Plasma there is a Plasma Network Manager Applet. Simply tell that to auto connect to the wifi when you login.

but im try to login sway.

I don’t know how wifi works in Sway, maybe @appelgriebsch knows, since he made the edition. :slight_smile:

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Hmm if you use the sway edition image it should come with the nm-applet preinstalled and loaded during log in, so you should find it in the tray area of the waybar (top right position)…

If you just install the sway program onto a different flavor of ManjaroARM you might miss all the customizations and autostart applications that will give you a desktop kind of experience…

dont want install others nm-applet, just bring up network after boot.

Network manager also has a cli AFAIR (nm-cli)

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if click audio setup icon, it never close in your image build.


Quit applications via Alt+Shift+Q

Check this intro post New Tech on the Blog

setup dialog stick on screen, is it a app?
that why quit sway/img.
im install plasma/sway to test wayland.

Well, if you want a network applet in Sway, you need to install one.
Else you need to use the CLI version of NetworkManager (nm-cli) to connect to your wifi.

so, when i want plasma/gnome/sway/lxqt etc, everyone need its nm-applet?

Yup there is always an app involved when using a lightweight environment such as i3 or sway… for audio it’s pavucontrol (overlays/sway/etc/skel/.config/waybar/config · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab)

ok, install netctl and remove networkmanager.
now, every DT are happy, thanks guys.