[solved] KDE Start Menu refreshes every second

I have a very strange problem since about 3 weeks.

The start menu of KDE always jumps back to the search bar automatically when I want to select something.

So, I open the start menu at the bottom left, move my mouse cursor over an entry, the entry expands for a millisecond and then the cursor or mouse jumps to the search bar.
Thus, I can no longer select anything from the Start menu.
The search in the start menu itself behaves the same way.
When I want to type something, I manage to press maybe 3 letters,
the start menu expands according to my input and then immediately ‘resets’ and the search is empty.
It feels like my keyboard is spinning, but of course I’ve already plugged in another one to narrow down the problem.

Even switching the start menu to an alternative does not bring any improvement.
It’s as if the Start menu refreshes every millisecond.

There are no problems in any other application.

Have you had this before?

I am going to guess its the same bug as in a handful of other threads … check for a bunch of kde-git packages. If they exist … thats likely the problem.
See the bottom of the first post here: Manjaro 20.2 Nibia got released

Hey, perfect. You made it.
Thanks a lot.

Damn, I was just about to use this as an opportunity to install garuda dragonized.
Now you’ve ruined all the fun for me. :=)
Have a nice week

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