[SOLVED] KDE one file/folder stuck in wastebasket

New install on an existing Manjaro installation with a separate Home partition. Everything is working find. Except when I empty the Wastebasket. It tells me that it cannot access one of the files in a folder that I have deleted. Other misc files (except this folder) do go.

I’ve looked in .local/share/Trash/files in my Home and it is empty,

I am considering unmounting the partition in question and performing using fsck

Do you agree with this action or should I do something else?

Thank you

But you also need to have the ~.local/share/Trash/info folder where is stored the information about deleted files and folders. That also becomes empty when the trash is emptied …

Try to restore the trash and delete the file via terminal

Using the command line I deduced that the files in one sub folder were owned by root.

I had downloaded Cheetah by the way. After using chown, rm and rmdir I did that way.

Can’t explain why the files were owned by root in that one sub folder were owned by root., but using the terminal helped to find it out efficiently.

Thank you I’ll put that in the memory banks