[solved] Iwd wireless setup issue

Pi4, minimal-0617.img installed.
iwctl --passphrase xxx station wlan0 connect SSID.
no error, nothing show up, but no network connecting?

I just noticed this topic is listed under ARM. I am running x86_64 here so the following may not work, sorry.

To enable the iwd backend, first install iwd and then create the following configuration file:



To replace wpa_supplicant with iwd:

sudo pacman -S iwd 
sudo systemctl stop wpa_supplicant
sudo systemctl mask wpa_supplicant
sudo systemctl enable iwd.service


thanks, iwd is preinstalled and iwd.service is running.
no wired so wifi is only way to go.

[iwd]# station wlan0 connect SSID

this line didn’t show up
*Type the network passphrase for SSID psk

ok, switch to netctl and work.
maybe next minimal-img build should add netctl packages?

add /etc/iwd/main.conf

btw, minimal.img GPG keys seems broken, can not update package.

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