(Solved) How do I know which desktop environment I am using?

I downloaded, no longer have the download, but am wondering how to figure this as I am booted into the installation now.

I need help with another question and want to post in the proper desktop environment section.

try in the terminal:


go to settings and click system information

echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP in yout terminal.

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inxi -S will also reveal it.

You already have great answers above. If I were writing a script I’d use the XDG environment variable, but at the command line I would use the script inxi. It has many options, so definitely do a man inxi.

Using a broader stroke, you could execute the set command and pipe it to less (set | less) and view the variables in your environment. Since XDG is a freedesktop standard, that most linux desktops follow these days, you could use bash variable expansion and do declare -p ${!XDG@} to print all variables that begin with “XDG”.

Thanks guys.

Working through the answers. Terminal won’t open. It just times out and never opens.
But the settings >about route worked. I am using Gnome.

The file manager is not thrilling me: (big spaces between the entries in list view and will not alphabetize properly.) This latter glitch really confuses me. I can sort the folder content by name all that I want and there will be entries that are out of alphabetical order. Never ever seen that before. Any ideas ?

  • assuming that perhaps I made a poor choice in choosing Gnome ? which release is Manjaro know for ? XFCE ? If that is the one to get maybe I will just reinstall before spending much time with this.

Im very happy with xfce, just be aware that its not the most flashy desktop.

I recommend KDE.

Thanks guys

Try the live ISO - copy to an drive, burn to dvd, or copy to fob.