[SOLVED] How do I add AUR packages to my buildiso config?

I’m trying to build my own customized .iso from the GNOME base as guided in a wiki titled " Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso" and I have almost everything set up the way I want, however when I add packages from AURs in my configuration the build throws errors and only packages from official repositories are fetched.

This is an example from Packages-Desktop:

>extra gnome-backgrounds

These packages are from official repositories but when I add numix-gtk-theme I get the following errors:

error: target not found: numix-gtk-theme
==> ERROR: Failed to install packages to new root
==> ERROR: Failed to install all packages
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in make_image_desktop().

I’ve also came across the wiki guide titled “Buildiso with AUR packages: Using buildpkg” but this only refers to AURs created by myself and uploaded to a custom server not the ones on Arch Linux AURs.

The wiki contains an article on howto do this

Only packages present in the repositories defined in pacman.conf of your profile can be added to an ISO.

This means, no AUR packages.

Ups I missed that one. That is partially correct because you can create your own repository on a web service you control.

You just have to add that repo to pacman.conf.

It is also documented in the README of manjaro-tools repo iso-profiles repo.

You can even use github as an online repo and with that in mind - this would be applicable to a local webserver on your network even on the same machine.

One example is to amend all the steps in the article on creating a custom repo - then starting a local webservice - like caddy and point the config to that local caddy service

SigLevel = Never
Server = http://machinename/$repo/$arch
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@linux-aarhus Thank you! Resolved and closed. :wink:

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