[SOLVED]Everything went dark in Google Chrome....oops

I was messing with some settings yesterday to try to get rid of some of the white colors where I was working.

This morning I rebooted and everything in Google Chrome had dark things applied. It has even changed the way pages look. Not what i was looking for. Now I’m not sure what I changed to get it back.

I have more than one Google Chrome profile. I’m pretty sure its not a theme I used as switched back to default and the dark stuff is existing across my other profile.

When I go to look at a page in FF, it doesn’t show it with all the dark things it shows in Chrome. Even this form page is dark where its white in FF. Even a simple HTML page I made for myself which is supposed to have a black background now has a white background. See attached screenshots.

I’ve tried making changes in system settings under Global Theme, Plasma Style, application sytle, and colors, but its still not showing up right in chrome. Even after rebooting.

Any ideas on what I need to change to get it working again?

Thank you

It is not one of the extensions you have installed that produces this behavore?

Not that I know of. I tried changing the Google Chrome theme back to default and it didn’t fix it. I doubt its an extension as it makes this change across each of the three chrome profiles that I use. When I open a window in Incognito mode, it still happens

Hi @saltymedic,

I suspect you’ve possibly set you Gnome (looks like Gnome) or whatever’s setting to use the dark theme.

I don’t think this is a chrome-only setting, it looks more global to me.

Sorry, I don’t have Gnome so can’t check but that is what it looks like to me.

Check under chrome://flags if you have #enable-force-dark enabled. If yes then put it default (or disable). Or under chrome://about or chrome://version (I don’t use Chrome to know exactly which of the 2 it is) if you have any related switch attached to the binary by an extension or by a mistake of yours.


Thank you very much. That was it. I forgot that I had looked at those:

The solution was switching it back to default


Thank you again

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