[SOLVED] Dual Booted Windows & Manjaro i3 -> Can't access UEFI

I decided to try transitioning to Linux bla bla bla. I followed the guide in post [HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step on this forum essentially to the letter. The result being both Windows and Manjaro work fine. What doesn’t work fine however is the UEFI Firmware settings, anytime I try to access them, the laptop simply freezes on the Acer logo indefinitely.

I’ve researched this a bit and found that Acer’s firmware seems to have this problem and am planning to follow the guide in comment 912766 on Acer’s forums to hopefully resolve the problem.

The laptop in question is a Acer Travelmate P214 with model number TMP214-52G-79CT.

Now for why I’m creating this post, are there any other steps any of you would recommend? And do you see any problem with the guide listed above? My hope is to be able to access the UEFI firmware settings as I’d otherwise have to jerry-rig the bootnext to always be Manjaro.

P.S. The reason for the funny references to forum posts/comments is that I can’t post links.

Update: Tried the guide, it didn’t work. The efivars/things efibootmgr changes reset every time I reboot, aside from the original deletion of the bootentry ofc. I’ve essentially now gotten no boot entry for Manjaro and whenever I create a new one it disappears on reboot.

I reinstalled Manjaro completely opting for the more volatile option of subjecting grub to Windows’ terrible hands (Not creating a new esp) and it works now, for now. Consider the issue solved.