[ SOLVED ] Can I go back to xfce 4.14?

I have a couple of issues that makes me want to go back to 4.14 , the sensor plugin don’t show the GPU temperature ( nvidia) , and I don’t like two rows to display two action buttons , so I like to know how to go back

I’m afraid that this is not supported. While there might be a (very complicated) way of pulling it off, you are bound to experience compatibility problems, and given how the rest of the system keeps on evolving, these incompatibilities are only going to get worse over time.

Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution, and if you somehow cannot deal with the evolution of the system, then perhaps Manjaro is not the right distribution for you, and then perhaps you are better off with a fixed-point release distribution like Ubuntu/Xubuntu or Mint. But even those distributions will eventually catch up with the changing landscape, and so you will eventually have to accept the changes anyway.


I guess I can get used to a double row after all I have a 32" screen , or the panel horizontally, but not been able to monitor the GPU temperature or having to install a second sensor app is a bit much, I’ll be hopping for a fix up in the future, thanks for your help

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Might need one of these?

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that’s much better, thank you very much

Add a 2nd Action Buttons widget to the panel

Then Remove one of the buttons from the 1st widget and enable it in the 2nd widget

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you guys are so cool; thank you!!!

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