Solo Leveling Wallpapers Manjaro

Here is a wallpaper for solo leveling(Manhwa) fans/anime fans,i also added the Manjaro icon. It looks good in max brightness, i edited it in GIMP and it’s my first attempt. Do give your suggestions and comments.
I think that this forum only allows small resolution images. you can grab the same in the link below which will redirect you to the file in my GitHub repo. Feel free to drop your star or follow me.
in 1920x1080

Hello and welcome,

If the illustration is not made by you, please provide a README file to point out if is a screenshot from the game, or a different source, with the proper attributes.

can you point out a sample which i can refer?

I don’t have a copyright example from the game solo leveling(Manhwa) … You have to consult that first and include it in the License file. Also Authors need to be included. An example of all this can be seen here