Software update section in Manjaro KDE System-settings

In some distros featuring KDE Plasma (like KDE Neon, EndeavourOS with KDE), I have seen software update section in system-settings. Why is it not there in Manjaro KDE? (I have KDE Discover installed besides pamac in Manjaro.)
In Endeavour:

In Manjaro:

Can I somehow enable it?

Does “Software Update” work in Endeavour?
I though it was related to apt by KDE default , not pacman

The update option was set to manual by default, and I did not change it to automatic. And updates do work through discover.

Discover is KDE package manager, so it’s Qt based.

I think it would be tricky to integrate Pamac (GTK based) into KDE settings manager.

Maybe one day if Pamac Qt is developed again.

That’s what I thought too, that’s why,

But then too, the software update section is missing in system settings. Any ideas?

Arch’s build has the KCM disabled in this commit: Don't build the KCM. Automatic and offline updates are not supported … · archlinux/svntogit-packages@ffd827f · GitHub

We inherit that package from Arch and we discourage automatic updates or doing them without reading the announcements. Sometimes manual intervention is required and we put that in the announcement wiki for known issues and resolutions.


Thank you. Got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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