Software to access samsung s6

hello everyone,
do you know of any software that will allow me to type in a password on my samsung s6 with the broken screen and then allow me to log in?
I saw a video on windows that has such a program and was hoping there was one for Manjaro as well.

With software, you will have needed to enable USB Debugging and authorized your PC before using it. If you haven’t, you can connect a USB or BlueTooth mouse to your phone and set it up.

The video you watched might have been featuring scrcpy as it’s cross-platform. It’s available in the AUR (Arch User Repository) along with a GUI if you prefer, guiscrcpy.

Thanks for the reply, I will try to download scrcpy, how do I connect the usb mouse to the phone? And how do I see the phone’s screen so I can accept debugging?

With a USB A to micro USB adapter.

When you said “broken screen” I only assumed the glass was cracked and the digitizer was broken. If you can’t see the screen and you haven’t authorized your PC for USB Debugging, unfortunately you’re out of luck.

I’ve never had a micro adapter, but even if I wanted to if I understood it, it’s not needed since my display is completely broken. In the video with windows it was also possible to type the keys with that program.

Right. I just figured I’d answer the question while we were at it.