Software recommendation needed : Picture and video "database"

Is there a software out there, which can help me keeping track of thousand of pictures and videos? Here is a couple of features I would like:

  • Automatically scan a directory for new/deleted/moved files/edited files
  • Add multiple tags to each file. I e, a picture of mona-lisa might have the tags : painting, women, da Vinci etc
  • Search files by tag
  • I want to be able to click on a file and open the picture or movie with the program associated with the file type.
  • Find duplicate files in the database (based on file contents, not file name)
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Here is a list of possible packages:


Thanks, never thought of searching for the word organizers, I found XNoise and Tellico when I searched for collection in Pamac, but they lacked some features I want. I will go through that list and see if any of them works for me…

I’d point out that you shall check how some features behave, most notably regarding moved/edited files, as you may end as deleted/new files instead in the app.
Also, many organizers can show you pictures directly – i don’t know about videos – so may need to search/change the settings for opening the files in the usual viewers. (I think you can switch the keys to open/view files in digikam for instance.)

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Yeah, that is a concern. I still have not found a program that scans from the disk though. All programs I have checked so far, you have to manually add each file, and that is not an option for me.

I am actually thinking about writing the program myself, if I don’t find an application that does what I want. And the what you said about handling files that have been added/removed/moved/etc is exactly why I am thinking, that writing it myself, will get more complicated that I might want it to be. I started to think about saving md5sum for each file to handle moved files and duplicates. That might be what I end up doing anyway, since I have not so far found a program that works for me.

I know multiple will scan a folder tree upon adding it to their library, but i believe none will add new files on the fly, since it’s disk read intensive. There may be an option to automatically scan libraries when starting the app though.

I don’t think many organizers can find moved files, but they often do allow to rename/move a file from the file explorer within the app.

I tried a few some time ago, although i haven’t found one that suited my needs – because i heavily rely on symlinks – i think digikam should check most of yours.

Did you try kodi, it has all the options you want

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Do check first if it’s legal where you are as, in some jurisdictions, including the UK:
It is against the law to have a copy of, let alone install and use Kodi
… according to news reports from a year or so ago; people may have forgotten this.

I don’t have, or remember, full details of the law regarding Kodi but please be careful. Personally I side with caution and avoid it, including not making any related online search. Shame as many sing its praises and say it’s excellent software.

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I think it’s legal having kodi, what’s ilegal is using it to stream/see or make other things with copyright contents

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I wish I could be confident that was true where I live, but I clearly remember them stating, in essence, what I bolded above. :frowning: … people I know have said it’s the “fully loaded” part but I don’t remember them saying so on the news reports. It was a few years ago now IIRC.

I just want us all to take care, be safe in all respects, health and otherwise. :smiley_cat:

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Well, don’t worry, I have looked at 6-7 of the different programs that was recommended, but none looked like they would be good for me. So, I have decided to write my own application. That way I can be sure I’ll get all the features I want. Sure, it will take a month or two :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for all your recommendations though…I appreciate it…


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