Software border is redundant

I don’t know why when completing the theme, the software border is redundant and looks very ugly. How can I make it rounder?

system-settings → appearance etc…
check youtube how to pimp your linux

It’s korners bug, should be fixed with 5.25. You can try rolling to unstable branch or wait for the update and check if it works then. AFAIK themes should introduce the support from their side as well.

Sorry for the off-topic but...

how exactly do you make a theme not be readonly system-wide installed theme? I created the appropriate folders and copied breath and breath-dark over into /home/user/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/(and changed the permissions just to make sure) but the theme editor still says This is a readonly, system wide installed theme and doesn’t let me change anything even though I know it points to the copy I made and not the system wide one as pressing on the folder icon opens the user local folder I created.


just my2cents

I have been, as I always do. No help tho.

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