Softmaker Office full version

My wife would like to have Softmaker Office in the full version installed on her computer (Manjaro KDE), because she can handle it better than with LibreOffice. How is the installation and licensing of Arch / Manjaro done? Is the package available in the repositories or do I have to fiddle around with a download from the manufacturer?

Im pretty sure all versions of softmaker are in the aur so you should be able to install them from there

Have you tried with the pamac gui ?


ok, I found it in the Repo :slight_smile: softmaker-office-2021

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I would definitely NOT recommend to take it from the AUR (if it is for his wife). The official repositories have it (albeit the “service packs” come in a little later than in AUR).


  1. Softmaker-office is a HUGE package and will likely take quite a bit of time to install per AUR.
  2. “Things” installed from AUR (especially bigger ones) tend to need a re-install after regular system updates from time to time (without the package telling you, softmaker would just not start and you have to know about it being an AUR package being in need of “recompiling”).

So, @anon55802073 go for the version in the official repos (as you seemingly already have) and it will keep your wife happy … :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you mean with that? Does this mean that I have to manually monitor everything I installed from the AUR for updates? How do I know that a new installation is necessary? So far I have nothing out of the AIR, but if that causes any trouble, I’ll leave it at that.

He mean that if after a system update an AUR package stop to work that certainly mean you will need to reinstall it. (Rebuild it with the new dependencies from the system update).
In this case… 1st reinstall and if it still doesn’t work you can ask for help.


Thanks for your help!

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