"softmaker freeoffice" data-protection policy and the the availibilty of it's prepackaged fonts to the whole distro apps(globally)

Is softmaker freeoffice platform agnostic in terms of fonts(comes prepackaged with microsoft fonts ) ?

if the answer is yes will the fonts stay on the system if i decided to uninstall the app ?

and if the answer is no
what is the state of telemetry and data collection (privacy in general) in softmaker freeoffice ?

and what is the the availability of freeoffice prepackaged fonts in the whole distro apps ?

No, they’re bundled.

Their privacy policy, terms & conditions, etc. is available on their website. For further questions, contact SoftMaker support.

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We have a close partnership with Softmaker. The source of our packages of free office and Softmaker office are provided by them. We only repackage it as needed, without changing their binaries.

Privacy policy and terms of use are available on their website. On the terms of telemetry most likely the users get counted so they have numbers in their stats. For details please contact their support to get more details on what they collect. However, since they are a German company they have to complaint to the GDPR.


thank you Philip thank you Mark , I tried to select both of your comments as a solution but it’s not allowed so i failed .

I only have one request can you “manjaro team” add these important information (from both comments) in your documentation or FAQ .
this will make it more easy to access and that will kill any any chance of misleading
because anyone discovering any new platform even a linux user but from debian or redhat world will read articles that from non objective journalists/blogres (for example what happened with the app that is similar to google analytics in deepin store)

note: my experience with manjaro wiki and user guide was perfect and the wiki is really precise maybe the information is there and accessible so please pardon me if I’m wrong because i don’t have experience in the arch world it’s just a feedback .


If you have suggestions or improvements for the wiki, there’s a section for that: #site-feedback:wiki :wink:

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