Sof-firmware orphaned?

After searching for my orphaned packages with Pamac today, I was shown sof-firmware 1.8-1. During today I got an update of the pulseaudio-manjaro-metapackage (or something like that) and installed it. Could this have made the Sound Open Firmware obsolete? Question: can I delete sof-firmware 1.8-1, since orphaned or should I better mark it as explicitly installed and leave it?

Metapackages for pulse and pipewire both depends on sof-firmware so I can’t see why it should be orphaned.

Indeed it is (orphaned). I’m on Testing branch.

[2021-10-02T05:03:04+0200] [ALPM] upgraded manjaro-pulse (20210928-1 → 20211001-1)

dependencies changed see difference here

apparently changes from @Yochanan


Ok, thanks

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