Snaps stopped working? For example the Manjaro store won't find Firefox from Snap Store

Now trying to install Firefox the system gives: error: cannot communicate with server: Post “http://localhost/v2/snaps/firefox”: dial unix /run/snapd.socket: connect: no such file or directory

I want the Firefox snap because i noticed that the Firefox packaged by Manjaro, even though version 113 it lacks the controls on Picture in Picture mode for example. On the other machine Firefox as a snap has those.

Earlier today i did manage to install Steam as a snap. Why it kind of seems that snaps are not considered a first class citizen in Manjaro? I mean i can’t go on like this if things keep breaking (or what has happened here?) Like i said i earlier got Steam to install as a snap.

So what should i do now to get Firefox? Thanks!!

Oh come on … these random assertions get so tiresome.

I would love if snaps were considered not-at-all citizens … but the dev team doesnt seem to share this view.

Snaps are about as compatible as you could ask … you just need … well, snap itself.

I suppose we can check your installed packages…

pacman -Qs snap

But likely you are just referring to a network error.


Erm… what? On Firefox 113 PiP is fully working… yeah the controls are not visible on the screenshot, but they appear when I move the mouse over it.

What else is not working?

Consider not using snaps if you have native packages, except when you use Ubuntu. But hey, you can do what ever you like. The error is related to a network error.