Snaps not open when I installed an older kernel (4.19.302-1-MANJARO) on manjaro

I decided change the ultimate kernel 6.5, my pc is Intel atom with 2gb ram by that reason. When I finished installing versión 4 kernel so my apps installed on snap format not runs.

In your other thread you are complaining about speed and/or RAM consumption…

Why on earth are you using SNAPs ?

You still have not created that thread to assist you with performance or general configuration. When you do that make sure to include system information. (inxi -Fazy)

Read this: now with kernel 4 version my ram is over 500mb, nice. But now the snaps apps not open, I trying installing htop in snap version and when i finish so it open but the others installed.

You care about saving your tiny RAM …

Why are you using snap?

and … for … of all things … htop ? … just why ?

Please start that other thread so we can hold your hand and walk you through some basic things.

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I was installed htop to make test and be secure who installing a new snap app open and open but no the installations done previously when I had kernel version 6.

If memory consumption is a problem — and on your system it is — then you should not be using Snaps. They use more RAM and more disk space.

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** Also, just having snap enabled/running (along with apparmor) will take extra RAM, without ever opening a SNAP.


Snaps apps are my option apps. I am thinking Manjaro is making to user choose what him wants. Ok. On internet are controversy for snaps apps but I prefer think who the user choose the best for him.

Theres no controversy over the fact they take more space and RAM.
You say those 2 things are important - up to the point of trying to use an outdated kernel from 2014 …
But sure, it is your system, you can do what you want … however oxymoronic it may be.

I dont use SNAPs, so if you insist on needing those, and desire support for that … I’ll leave this thread for that. Good luck.

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You obviously understand very little about computer technology — and especially so Manjaro — so it would be in your best interest to heed our advice instead of trying to do things the wrong way.

If you’re not going to listen to our advice, then you’re only wasting our time. :man_shrugging:

I am informatic, I am from Venezuela and your lucky for having me writing English on a third world country who only speaks (or write) spanish… I think solution for my 3 snaps is uninstall that and after install newly that. I think that It should not happen that when you change the kernel to an old or a new one version, they no longer open and you have to uninstall them to reinstall them and make them work.

I think too FIRST I have to wait to connect to a WiFi optical fiber to update system with the actual kernel 4 version. And see if when I update system the snaps opens. Not now, I have measured mobile data phone. If after update I see who not opens so I have to delete apps and reinstall.

You have been told that you need at least kernel 5.4 in order to maintain full functionality, because our kernel firmware package does not support kernels older than 5.3. So the oldest and still supported kernel which supports this is 5.4 LTS.

Yet, you think you know better and you’re using 4.19 LTS instead. Furthermore, the kernel you use does not have any significant impact on the amount of RAM that will be in use.

You have also been told that Snaps — and even the snapd daemon itself, even when you’re not using any Snap packages — use more RAM and more disk space. Yet you refuse to accept that.

Just because you’ve got experience with Microsoft Windows doesn’t make you a GNU/Linux specialist, let alone a Manjaro specialist. All you are demonstrating is how little you understand of GNU/Linux — if that were not the case, then you wouldn’t be asking those questions in the first place.

You have also repeatedly been asked for the output of inxi, and you have yet to provide it. I’m willing to bet that you didn’t even create a swap partition on that system with only 2 GiB of RAM.

I rest my case. You do not understand how an operating system works, and you are wasting our time by insisting on doing something of which you have been told that it will not work.

If you want to experiment with that system, then that is your choice. But then don’t come asking for advice that you will not listen to.


“Goin’ 'round in circles…” :musical_note: