Snapd Spotify canberra-gtk-module error

Hey gang!

I installed Spotify via snap using

snap install spotify

when running spotify in the command line I get the following error

Gtk-Message: 11:50:12.311: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
[1]    21218 trace trap (core dumped)  spotify

It USED to work but I think I updated some packages and things broke. The arch wiki page says to make sure I have libcanberra installed which I've verified that I have. Anyone know what might solve this issue?

Already came up here:

Contact the snap package maintainer or build the package from AUR.

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I woudlnt adive on building the our package since its seriously outdated.

I am trying to covnert the official *.deb package into an installer people can use but I want to make sure first it works.

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You could just update the PKGBUILD from AUR.

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