Snap ocrmypdf package wants old ghostscript - how to fix?

I’m trying to install OCRmyPDF, which is only available for Manjaro through snap (I guess it could be installed manually somehow but it is beyond my python knowledge to do it). So, the snap install says it has worked correctly, and I can use the --help option ok. But when I try to run it properly I get

GPL Ghostscript 9.55.0: Can't find initialization file

and indeed my ghostscript version is 10.02.00. What is the best tactic in this situation? I really don’t want to downgrade my ghostscript.

Thanks for any advice

SNAPs should usually handle dependencies on their own, or rather, include them - thats why SNAPs are inordinately large.

What I can tell you … is that you luckily dont have to use the worst software deployment currently available for linux.

There are packages available in the AUR:

To learn about the AUR and how to use it:

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The AUR version works perfectly, thank you!