Snap apps missing fonts

whenever I run an app installed by snap: I get enpty squares instead of letters.
http :grinning: s:// (remove emoji :grinning:)
there is something wrong with the snap fonts.
I tried this fix: http :grinning: s:// (remove emoji :grinning:)
, but does NOT work

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I tried that. not working ]:

Which? All of the commands?

yes, all commands mentioned in this arch wiki: Snap - ArchWiki

any solution ?

Same problem here. I tried everything in the ArchWiki page, but nothing changes. I always get squares instead of regular fonts. Any help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.


I am having the same issue, but with a wrinkle. The fonts work in XFCE but not in Xmonad. Same system.

Snap store’s Slack app. I have tried both fc-cache -r and sudo rm -f /var/cache/fontconfig/*.