SMPlayer: When i press Pause, the freezed Image won't show up after clicking somewhere else

Hi guys,
I have a little issue with the SMPlayer and want to know if there is maybe a fix/workaround for this little problem.

When i pause a Video and click/navigate somewhere else with my Mouse, the Screen/Freezed Image from the Media Player won’t show up anymore and the Source wen’t black. I don’t had this problem under Windows7 with SMPlayer, so i think its Linux related. I’m using Manjaro/KDE newest stable btw.

VLC always showes the freezed source. But the GUI from SMPlayer is so much nicer and gives alot more freedom to modify the player.

I cannot reproduce the bug. Try recompiling from AUR to see if the bug still continues.

If you are using NVIDIA GPU, try to change the SMPlayer setting → General → Video → Output driver → Choose “vdpau”.

If Intel GPU, then “vaapi”.

Same here can’t reproduce and never a issue with SMPlayer. You don’t need to build it. Only build software if not available any other way. Install SMPlayer, SMPlayer-skins, and SMPlayer Themes from the Community repository.

Do you use any specific settings in SMPlayer?
I just about never have issues with it, out-of-the-box or with custom HW-Accel/Output/etc settings.
(but they must be correct of course)

I’m with cscs out of the gate SMPlayer just works. I do go in and set to allow multiple instances, and increase the internal volume control from 110 to 220, and then under advanced add aspect_none to make all videos use the entire area SMPlayer is open to.

Why should i use AUR when SMPlayer is available in the official repos?

Im using a nvidia 2080Ti
I changed from default to vdpau but no difference.

The Source went black when the SMPlayer is on pause and i select another window like dolphin/taskbar or click anywhere on the desktop.

I have some GUI tweaks on the interface side, but i had this blackscreen (window/source) bug since day 1 with zero adjustment.

When the Video is running there is no issue at all, everything is fine.
Only the Pause modus gives me this blacks/hidden source issues.

I also had some Privacy Settings, like forgot recent videos and stuff like this. Enabled audio equalizer/Playlist and alot other little changes, but its all related to Interace (GUI)/Audio/Privacy.

Okay i just found out its something under General> Multimedia ENGINE, i had to switch from MPlayer to MPV and the Blackscreen on Paused Sources are no longer there.

It looks to me, there is a regular issue with the MPlayer Engine, maybe?

I just hope i don’t have other issues with MPV Engine yet :face_with_monocle:

Okay, it won’t take long… i just have a green screen (codec issue?) when playing older WMV files, is there a way to fix this with the MPV Engine?

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