Smplayer issues

Somehow I’ve doubled the size of all smplayer windows.

I can’t change it back, because I can’t see the lower third of the preference pages, and so can’t hit the apply button. I can’t change anything at all now.

I’m not able to change the size of the window in any way, either.

I’m a noob, and never used the cli before.


Hold the Meta key on your keyboard to click and drag with the mouse. (It should work on any “surface” of most applications.)

While you’re holding down Meta, you can click in the middle of the SMPlayer window and “drag” it upwards to be able to access the lower part of the application’s window.

(The “Meta” key is also known as the “Super” key, which is usually denoted by the BEAAAAUTIFUL “Windows” logo.) :window:


In addition to what @winnie said, holding down Meta and using the right-hand mouse button allows you to resize a window without having to position the cursor on the window border.

However, I suspect your problem may have been caused by scaling. Without knowing for certain what you did, it is going to be very difficult to help you.

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The meta key doesn’t work.

I thought maybe I could just delete the ini file, and it would rebuild. But I can’t find it.

Are you on KDE or Xfce?

You tagged your thread as “plasma” but your profile says “Xfce”.

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.ini files are a Windows thing. More likely is an rc file or a .conf file. Look under ~/.config and ~/.local/share.

Also make sure you clean out the cache before starting the application. :arrow_down:

rm -rf ~/.cache/*

It’s kde.

Did you change any settings in regards to Window Management / Kwin?

Are you holding Meta (the “Windows” key) as you use the mouse?

Check to make sure this option is set:

System Settings → Window Management → Window Behavior → Window Actions

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It was already set just like that. I can move the window around, but cannot resize.

So you can access and Apply the changes you made in the Preferences window, yes?

Did you find the errant setting? Perhaps something to do with DPI or scaling?

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No, I cannot.

The bottom third of the preference page can’t be seen. So I can’t hit the apply button.

Click and drag the window “upwards” while using the Meta key, so that you can reveal the bottom part of the Preferences window to reveal the Apply button.

You can click and drag more than once.

That’s it!!!

Thank you!!!

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