SMB share does not works

Hi there,

Once again I am humbling asking for your help, if possible. :slight_smile:

I have here a small network with two machines. One of them is a Windows 10 computer, and mine is a Linux Manjaro notebook.

I am trying to create a “share” between both, but can’t figure out what is happening, because it doest not works.

On the Windows 10 machine I shared both its c:\ drive and its desktop. This Windows 10 installation does not uses any password, there’s only the username (user).

I have also configured Kaspersky firewall in order to permit connections, configured all the network settings inside control panel, in order to permit all incoming access from my network.

Something strange is that if at my Manjaro machine I ping the Windows machine network name it is found and I also obtain its IP address.

I can also access perfectly the desktop of that Windows 10 machine. View files, folders, open things, etc.

But, just its c:\ drive is inaccessible. Through Dolphin I can see both shared folders , but c:\ can´t be accessed because always a prompt asking for password is displayed.

I also tried to enter here only username, leave fields blank, etc, without success.

Someone has some idea about how to solve this, please?

This seems like a Windows topic rather than Manjaro. Maybe c: has special permissions which can’t be modified by your user. (UAC or how that’s called in Windows-land).

You should share specific folders and not a partition.

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Is the windows user you are trying to connect with an standard user or an administrator?

I use a Windows 10 computer at work, log in with a standard user. I can do what I want in my own folders, but If I try to copy or delete a file in C:\ asks me to have “administrator rights”. May be you are using a standard user without rights to use C:\ .

You can try to connect to the W10 computer using an administrator account, only to see if it’s a matter of rights.

@mithrial ,

Thank you so much. I’ll try.

@Arrababiski ,

I will await the finish of the working hours here to check this. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

There is several administrative shares on a Windows system.

Try accessing the path //system/C$