Small GUI detail in pamac-manager

Hello, how are you people?

I have noticed that the pamac-manager gui changed recently (I updated at july 13, 2021) and the “Browse/Installed/Updates” menu at the top is a little bit short for “Installed” depending on the font used.
At least for me it is, I use xfce and Monospace as font.

It is just a minor detail but, well, why not post it here!?

below is the screen shot of it…

Thank you for everyone involved in this amazing project that manjaro is for your amazing work, it is simply the best.

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If you ‘stretch’ the window does the bug still remain?

sorry taking so long to reply but changing the window size does not have any effect on the text cutted

Interesting bug. Not sure how high priority it is, but you could look at reporting it somewhere. Maybe some thread when the update happened.