Small fix for /usr/lib/os-release?

Would the following be considered?

- ID=manjaro-arm
- ID_LIKE=manjaro arch
+ ID="manjaro-arm"
+ ID_LIKE="manjaro arch"

I symbolically link /etc/os-release to /usr/lib/os-release as I use systemd in my initramfs, which seems to use this file. I am also testing the use of dracut, and during the creation of the initramfs, it produces the following error:

dracut: *** Including module: base ***
/etc/os-release: line 3: arch: command not found

If I make a “/usr/bin/arch”, it will execute it. So while I can work around it, it is not a desired or expected result.

Edit: This is actually a fairly bad bug in dracut. Since it turns this non-executable file into an executable one, due to a syntax error.

Edit 2: I opened a bug report with dracut.

Could catch. Will upload fixed version to unstable branch soon.

Got the fix, thank you.

Well, it seems as dracut is not going to address this issue. While it was assigned, it is now closed. They noted that it is documented that the configuration file can be sourced. That seems a bit odd to me for a configuration file, but that is the way it is.

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