Slowdown after reinstalling Manjaro KDE

Hello, I reinstalled my Manjaro KDE install while keeping the home folder unchanged.
After booting into the new install I noticed slowdown of the system and very hard to navigate application menu, including when trying to change the application menu.

Whenever I move cursor over a selection the selection marker is removed as if the mouse cursor is not over the selection.
Also in the classic application menu it feels like someone is constantly clicking on the Search bar so I can’t click on an application fast enough (my best explanation, sorry)
After looking into application menu widget bug I found out deleting mimeapps.list in home/.config fixes the problem only for it to return whenever I change file associations and a new mimeapps.list file is made.

Anyone know a permanent fix without the need to reinstall?


Thanks! I thought the problem was with me not doing a clean install.

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