Slow browser performance on

Hi all,

I’m a bit of a noob, and am loving Manjaro, but there are a few niggles that stop me using it all the time.

I experienced these issues in Chromium and Firefox, so am wondering if it’s not to do with the browser…

Running evoworld . io (please don’t judge :smile: ) on Firefox gives me on average 30fps with reduced quality. On Windows its locked at a nice 60fps and top quality.

Running a Google meet in Firefox seem to pause every 20s or so for a bit.

I hope these descriptions aren’t too vague, and I think my graphics drivers are installed okay… but in reality I just don’t know.

Happy to run commands etc if needed to help :slight_smile:

Thank you

There is a fundamental difference between Microft Windows and Linux.

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Another difference is popularity.

Microsoft Windows runs almost every consumer pc in the world and and as such GPU acceleration in browsers is almost non existing on Linux - take it with a pinch of salt - I don’t know much about it - and for my usecase Linux works just perfect.

See the following for enabling hardware video acceleration: