Slow boot with XFS filesystem on NVME SSD

I paid little attention to this since I had to reinstall the distro few weeks ago and just formatted all the drives XFS out of laziness

Before the SSD (a nvme gen 3) was formatted F2FS and booting from GRUB to desktop took 6 seconds. Now on XFS it takes about 18 seconds, with a brake of no i/o activity after the uefi logo dissapears, before X starts up.

System i/o performance and speeds are 100% the same. It has been also very reliable, no corruption after a couple power outages.

If anyone is curious, here is the most recent journalctl boot log nov 20 20:23:22 arch-b450aorusm kernel: Linux version 5.9.8-2-MANJARO (builduser -

This is merely a small annoyance but I would be interested in a fix, workaround, or if not, how can I migrate to another filesystem?

Can I just copy all the files of / to an image formatted as another filesystem, then restore it, edit fstab and it shlould just work?

It could be a service to take to much to run. This commands will tell you how much time take to each service.
systemd-analyze blame
systemd-analyze critical-chain

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Hi @Hitman_47 :wink:

XFS is not made for a lot of small files. It is designed for a lot huge files like videos. There you will have benefits. So there will be no workaround.

In theory yes, but you need to set the correct permissions and flags, especially the system files. Easier would be a reinstall.

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