Slow boot times, not working kernel. Help me, I really would love to stay with Manjaro

I’ve encountered really disturbing loading times for my system.
It didn’t happen in pop!OS and Fedora, did happen in EndevaeourOS and now in Manjaro, those two are Arch distros so maybe that’s a thing and you will help me find solution, some magical command that’ll fix it. I would love to show you pictures of:
systemd-analyze blame
systemd-analyze critical-chain
How boot priority(?) looks like in GRUB before logging in
But looks like I have no rights to do that so I’ll tell you that:
Plymouth-quit-wait.service is now the only thing that takes a lot of time (over 20 sec) cause I disabled lot of useless stuff.
systemd- analyze critical-chain says: @27sec @27sec
plymouth-quit-wait.service @5,55 + 21 sec
systemd-user-sessions.service @5,55 sec @ 6 sec

First off I’m welcomed by “Welcome to GRUB! trying to decrypt master key” screen. Isn’t there any GUI for manjaro really? Is it possible to set it? Or it’s just me.
It stays here like 15 seconds after I click enter while in pop!OS maybe 3-5.
I also tried hardened-kernel for arch but it doesn’t even boot. It freezes at loading screen.
(mem_encrypt=off doesn’t help with that)
Also loading screen first goes low ress, then goes black and to full hd, I changed it to be full hd all the time, but it did nothing. I believe that Plymouth.service is not a problem here.
I’ve got no idea what to do so please, help me.

PS: I’m using AMD Ryzen with APU. Secure boot is disabled.

Hello @Mhaikido and welcome :wink:


No, please no pictures of text. Copy and paste it here in a codeblock.

what? boot priority is set the BIOS/UEFI.

Ah well, LUKS encryption an extra layer of latency. → performance loss.

Is there any GUI? No idea. It was always without GUI.

Then maybe popOS has a lighter encryption.

Manjaro has its own kernel builds. ArchLinux Kernel Builds are not compatible with Manjaro Kernel Builds.

And you did what?

Just a friendly advice: If you like how popOS, a fixed release model, works and it satisfies your needs, then stay there.

What is the reason to install Manjaro, if popOS works better?

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I’ve used some distros before and all of them had one similar to the login screen, i thought its a norm, especially for such a beautiful one.

I thought that maybe it loads some drivers twice (yeah… i know) so I forced loading screen to run 1920x1080, because before it was glitched and switching between resolutions.

I removed Manjaro, got back to pop!OS, then also checked few new ones and I must say that apart from
fast boot time there is no reason not to switch. Manjaro is a lot faster for me and I haven’t encountered any errors yet, everything works fine, Manjaro uses Wayland and in my case pop!OS wayland was a bit glitchy (I don’t know why) also apparmor was buggy and firejail was blind to most of my application.

Generally speaking Manjaro is just better in every single way exept for (What I heard) that it delays updates for like 2 weeks. Is that true? I would really know. I’m gonna stay with it now despite of that loading times. I just want to know if it’s just me, because trying other distros there was no such problem and maybe it’s solveable. Anyway, thank you for your answer!

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