Slow boot time due to updates

Will turning off updates within pacman help with boot times.
22.435s pamac-mirrorlist.service
16.190s man-db.service
13.715s snapd.service

This service does not perform any updates.

The only thing it does, it that it ranks the mirrorlist each week.

So this does not run with each startup?

Correct. Only one startup pr week.

Thanks for the quick reply and have a great day or night depending on your location.

for view when :

 systemctl list-timers -a

Thanks will add it to my list of useful things.
So the run in the background when the time comes?

Love this forum as everyone is so helpful

usually the background action is at midnight but if the pc is down, action is triggered at the next boot

If the action (updating the mirror list) is not CPU intensive, why not scheduling it at noon? At midnight the probability is higher that the PC is down and the action is triggered at the next boot which seems to slow down the boot for some reason (actually, why?). Better just do it while the user is working on his machine, isn’t it?

we can change all timers

view calendar:

systemctl cat  pamac-mirrorlist.timer

for this timer, we have : Thu *-*-* 7:00:00 = all Tuesday at 07h
format is DayOfWeek Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second

set calendar:
if i want only fist Monday of month at 15:00

sudo systemctl edit pamac-mirrorlist.timer

in nano , i write :

OnCalendar=Mon *-*-1..7 15:00:00


systemctl list-timers

all 15 days ?

 OnCalendar=Mon *-*-1..7,15..21 15:00:00
 OnCalendar= *-*-1,15 15:00:00

with systemctl edit timer is not reset at all pamac update :wink:

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