Slimbook AMD Controller

This tool was featured in OMG! Ubuntu!

It would be great to be able to use this in Manjaro.

Unfortunately, the code is not there in their GitHub yet.

I just added to the AUR: slimbookamdcontroller

It will most likely conflict with TLP.

EDIT: As of Slimbook Battery 4.0, it now uses TLP.


For anyone interested: Although it is not available on GitHub yet, the source is available at , and it is written in Python (so no binary blob).
And it is licensed under GPL, according to debian/copyright.

Right, but they’re the same files that are in the .deb. It’s easier to use it to package with.

Yeah, I only wanted to mention that the source is available in case anybody wants to look at it. (I was not asking you to rewrite the AUR PKGBUILD to utilize the source code).

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