Sleep on lid close is not suspending system

You are a master :), yes it was exactly as you say. It looked exactly the same as a “-” but obviously was not. I never even knew such was possible and if it is/was why would instruction sites with “code sections” that are meant to be copy pasted even use them???! Are they trying to give people brain damage ^^

Right, onwards towards the next confusing headache but onwards nonetheless. :smile:

Would you mind posting the solution and then pressing the Solution button so that the next person that has the exact same problem you just had will benefit from your post as well as your question will now be in the “solved” status.


I did push “solution” on the other thread where i asked how to pass kernel options. However, this thread is asking how to get to the bottom of my suspend/sleep bug which i have not managed to do yet, im getting there very slowly, but not there just yet.

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I have managed to capture the suspend error whilst i had initcall_debug & no_console_suspend debugging switched on. I have a copy of the relevant dmesg and journalctl logs.

Could someone take a look for me, it’s gobbledygook to me but i suspect the answer is in there somewhere.

well, it’s taken over a month so far and i have only managed to narrow it down. The problem is definitely firefox. I have been using brave for the last month and it has been fine, as soon as i go back to firefox it starts failing to sleep again.
I have reset the firefox profile back to new. I reinstalled my addons, added my usercontent.css & userchrome.css back and its still doing it.
I have now got to test each and every addon & user script for weeks one at a time. Some of them i just can not live without for any time let alone a few weeks example uBlock, bitwarden, suppose i shall just leave them to last and hope its not one of them.

O there must be a better way :frowning:

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I’m sorry, but that’s the only way but once you’ve found the culprit, you’ll be able to file a bug request at the addon developer or ask your money back.


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Well iv completed my testing of all my addons and its none of them. It’s still doing the same with a clean firefox. Its something to do with plasma & FF because without one of them running it works fine. There must be a way to figure what the problem is but its way over my head.

All i can do is to use another browser. Seriously a PITA.

Does starting firefox --safe-mode exhibit the same behaviour?


i can only assume so as i have only just started a clean profile, now iv removed all the addons so its pretty much the same as safe mode (as far as i know). Problem is its very hard to use FF with no addons for even a quick test period let alone actually using it for a few days.

I just left it running whilst i used brave browser, occasionally opening a new tab of random sites on it to test it with no addons. Luckily for me it didn’t take too long before it failed again.

The bug is acting different since the last stable update. It used to go into a black screen with just the cursor and then after a while wake up again, but now the screen freezes instead of going black, but it still fails to sleep and just wakes up again after a couple of minutes. Weird.

Well, I can’t think of anything else that could cause this, so I’m sorry to have been of no real help at all.


I appreciate any and all help or attempts to help. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I guess/hope you have solved the problem somehow by now.
However, here is the hint that worked for me:

In /etc/systemd/logind.conf I had to uncomment

Hi, well i shall give it a go.

No i never figured it.

I did give it one more go at calling for assistance :-

It still does exactly the same if i use firefox though so i have ended up having to use another browser. (don’t think it was too soon either as i may have removed firefox anyhow after this :- We need more than deplatforming - The Mozilla Blog)

Can i surmise from your post that you had the same problem? it would take to long to manage to get to sleep, it would try/start the procedure of suspending but eventually after hanging/waiting for firefox to suspend it would give up and go back to wake-up straight away.

Hi, the problem was similar. In “Energy Saving” menu I chose “Standby-Mode” on lid close. However my laptop (plasma desktop) would go into some kind of “Sleep Mode”, closing all tasks and programms.

After uncommenting the line in my logind.conf it returned to a real “Standby-Mode” again. It also works with firefox.

Although i doubt it will help as i found out that mine was not just the lid close, it also failed when i used the main application menu/sleep button.

I shall give it a try though, can’t harm any.

Maybe you have to uncomment other lines in the /etc/systemd/logind.conf as well to resolve the button problem. There appear to be some issues related to the file.

" systemctl suspend " in the Terminal, and everything is back to normal. Thanks…

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@jackdinn, I’m not seeing a satisfactory answer. All info is halfway. What are the full steps of what you did Pease.

ah its long gone. I had to reinstall the whole OS in the end. (Not for the first time :frowning: )