Sleep mode on Pinebook Pro power consumption too high

Hi, I’new to the Pinebook Pro, Manjaro and actually KDE. I’ve got recently my PBP and since then the power consumption in sleep mode is roughly 30% of the battery within a night (8-12 hours). I couldn’t find any similar description and didn’t change big the standard configuration. Neither dmesg nor journalctl show anything suspicious, so I’m slightly at the end of my knowledge.
I’d be thankful for any hint on how to go further.

AFAIK it’s a problem on Pinebook Pro kernel, it only enters S1 instead of S3, here’s a full list of sleep states and their differences:

S0 - On / Working

The computer is powered up. If supported, power conservation is handled by each device.

S1 - Sleep

CPU is stopped. RAM maintains power. Everything else is off, or in low power mode.

S2 - Sleep

CPU has no power. RAM maintains power. Everything else is off, or in low power mode.

S3 - Standby

CPU has no power. RAM maintains power, refreshes slowly. Power supply reduces power. This level might be referred to as “Save to RAM.” Windows enters this level when in standby.

S4 - Hibernate

Power to most hardware is shut off. Any files in memory are saved to the hard disk in a temporary file. If configured, the NIC will remain on for WOL, or AoL. This level is also known as “Save to disk.”

S5 - Off

Everything is off. No files are saved. If configured, the NIC will maintain power to listen for WOL (Magic) packets. This is known as a shutdown.

This hasn’t been fixed even in the latest kernel.

Thanks for the information @leledumbo Do you know how I could validate this suspicion? And is there no workaround? I’m surprised that I couldn’t find any other entry facing the same issue…

OK, searching differently based on your input “pinebook pro kernel sleep mode”, I found at last some helpful hints like any_improvements_regarding_standby_on_pinebook on Reddit - I’m not sure it is the solution because it doesn’t seem to fix everybody’s problem, others seem to have issues with Tow-Boot on Pine64 forum, and it’s all old stuff… sigh

Yes, informations are quite scattered:

and no guarantee that tricks provided will work and if works, for how long. Only when a solution gets merged into the kernel officially then it can be considered a permanent fix.

(why can’t I insert links? Too new?)
Anyway, thanks for the links, I knew some of them and they’re all at least 2 years old, with a 5.x kernel, where I already have ‘6.5.7-1-MANJARO-ARM’. The last link is clearly outdated, the 3rd one is “happy” (kind of) with 2% per hour, where I reach 2.6% per hour out of the box (which indeed makes ~30% over a night of 8-12 hours). The two first ones are “scary” (confusing statements where you can brick your PBP).

So I slowly come to the conclusion that sleep works with newer 6.x kernels, it just doesn’t do this very efficiently. The question remains if the situation can be improved or if I can only wait for a newer and better kernel.