Slack doesn't receive messages on background

I have an rather unfortunate issue with Slack, both annoying and affecting my work. I have suspected this has happened multiple times before, but today it was certainly the case, so here goes. Consider the following:

  • Have Slack installed and running
  • Minimize Slack
  • 30 minutes or so passes using other apps
  • Receive a private message (Slack doesn’t react)
  • Receive an email from Slack that I received a message
  • Restore Slack window
  • Slacks wakes up and catches up with the incoming messages
  • The red dot appears in the systray icon that I have a private message

I’m running up-to-date Manjaro Gnome. I have no clue how to debug this, as Slack is an Electron application. Does anyone else suffer from this? What could be tried to mitigate this? (This is exactly why I have Slack sending me emails about incoming messages…)

I have Slack window now sitting in the background instead of having it minimized, but I’m rather sure it also happened with this setup… Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @direc85 :wink:

you can try this:


More here: Environment Variables | FAQ

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So far I haven’t been able to replicate the blackout with minimized Slack started with the flags from the command line, but I’ll keep trying…

I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem. It’s possible that some Electron update has affected things (Slack changelog doesn’t contain anything relevant though), or our new (more reliable) network equipment was enough to fix it… I think it’s time to pull the plug on this one, especially as no one else has participated.

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