SkyShowtime - does not work in firefox

Hi. As the topic. I bought the skyshowtime service and wanted to watch a movie but I get error 6007.

I got the idea that I am following the tips in this post for watching movies on disney+

I got the effect that the player menu is shown with a black screen on which the loading circle is spinning and after 5 seconds the error window pops up again

  • try using another browser…chromium?
  • try enabling DRM in Firefox settings
  • torrent whatever you want to watch

Some content providers don’t want you to use Linux to view the page.

For some time, it was (and maybe still is?) possible to change the browser’s user agent to fake that it’s running on Windows. There might even be browser plugins to do this automatically, but there is no guarantee and I think the resolution is limited to 720p.

I have user agent installed in my browser. Enabling the user agent doesn’t change anything.

:woman_shrugging: That’s why I said “probably”.

Linux is not supported by SkyShowtime, bastards.

An idea came to my mind. Is it possible to run android apps on manjaro? If so, installing the skyshowtime app would allow you to watch movies?

I think you can install an Android emulator. However, I guess that the app in question has options to detect this and will not work.

How to install android emulator on manjaro?

And here Waydroid - ArchWiki

As much as I hate it, maybe try… <ptui!> …Edge?

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, even with User Agent set to Windows - nothing works :frowning:

I dont have an account, and I’m not about to sign up for one … but … it outwardly appears to work here…

I don’t understand. You don’t have an account but still have access through skyshowtime site? How? And if that is just a screen from somewhere, how do you know it’s taken on Linux?

Its my own screen from within the browser … used location spoofing (look at all the dutch).
But its just the things being played on the page … its not the show actually started from within a sign-in.
That was the ‘outwardly appears to work’ … I wasnt sure if that bit of ability for the videos to play there was in itself a difference or not.

Also … since we are back here … I notice the OP screen capture specifically shows Peacock … a different service/website. :thinking:

It’s probably some video exception integrated into some site widget. The proper videos don’t work, and so far I didn’t find anyone that made it work.

Peacock is a part of Skyshowtime.

Maybe they have an actual blocklist of Linux like Amazon or Netflix have? Then you’re out of luck and need to get sailing.

I guess without a sign-in I cant check. I tried setting up a trial but it still wants payment info up front.