Skype "No internet connection" problem on Manjaro

Hi there!
I have installed Skype from AUR (skype for linux stable and after run getting error “unable to sign in please check your internet connection and try again”
Also tried to installing Skype from snap ( version and getting the same error. I can’t signin in skype.
How I can fix this problem?
Screenshot -

Also I can’t access Skype for WEB from Google Chrome. Getting error displayed on the screenshot:
Screenshot -

Thanks in advance!

Hey and welcome,

This looks like a resolving issue, not a skype issue since the browser reports it cannot resolve the site. Do other sites work correctly?

Steps to take:

Power cycle your router if you can.

Check your network settings, change the dns server to a public one like opendns or to check if your ISP might have some issues with caching or simply blocks it. (your router could also be highjacked, but let’s not go there yet)



Hey, thank you for quick response)

Do other sites work correctly?

Yes, other sites works correctly

Power cycle your router if you can.

Just checked

I can use Skype on my phone and on my another laptop (Linux Mint - Cinnamon) via this ISP.
Here is my resolv.conf file content:

# Generated by NetworkManager

May be the ports which Skype consumes is used by another service?

Firewall is also disabled.

P.S. When I try to ping getting this Name or service not known

Interesting fact: I can use Skype via this ISP from other devices. Also I tried to connect to another WiFi and use Skype from my laptop and it works, but not working via this ISP.

So per my check my dynamic IP address is blocked and I can’t connect to skype servers.


So it looks like a specific problem of the manjaro machine, can you add more info the post about your hardware. This post has some things to try to figure out what is going on with your dns resolution.

I fixed this problem.

So per my check my dynamic IP address is blocked and I can’t connect to skype servers.

Provider assigned a dynamic IP address which is blocked by Skype servers and I can’t access.

Thank you so much and have a nice day)


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