Skype logs out at each reboot

Manjaro KDE, I’ve set Skype on auto-start in its own settings, which it does, but it keeps logging out on reboot, I have to manually sign in again.

Is gnome-keyring installed and active?

KDE wallet is!

Somehow the libsecret support in Skype does not work with other keyrings.

So you need gnome-keyring installed and running.

Thanks, would just give it a try - but!
Won’t that mess with all my other applications and keep asking me to save their passwords too (Chromium misbehavior comes to mind, not sure if that was resolved)?

To be honest I don’t know. I don’t use Plasma nor Gnome but if I am not mistaking Plasma defaults to its own kde-keyring for all other things. So only Skype should be affected.

Just make sure the keyring uses the same login passwd as your desktop.

Installed gnome-keyring, but there’s no GUI (there should be, right?).
The CLI doesn’t seem to give the full functionality, it can only import keys/certificate files. How do I make it store my Skype credentials now?

Start here to make sure the keyring is up at the start of your system.

source about using gnome-keyring

Normaly when it is active and you open Skype Gnome-keyring should/would ask if you want to remember the password. No cli involved

Lost in Arch Wiki steps to follow…
I made /etc/pam.d/login look like this now:

auth       required
auth       requisite
auth       include      system-local-login
auth       optional  # added
account    include      system-local-login
session    include      system-local-login
session    optional auto_start # added

The Wiki says SDDM (I made sure it’s the display manager I’m using) should already be properly configured, but it didn’t work, so I also modified
/etc/pam.d/sddm to look like this:

auth		include		system-login
auth		optional
account		include		system-login
password	include		system-login
session		include		system-login
session		optional auto_start
password    optional # added this line

Still not getting a keyring prompt when logging into Skype.
Is there a check to verify if Gnome Keyring is up?

I installed the GUI for gnome-keyring through seahorse and then only added the following 2 last lines to the file /etc/pam.d/sddm and it works fine:

session		optional auto_start
password    optional

I did not add the lines at /etc/pam.d/login .

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