Skype - Attach Files Dialog Box

Not sure why this is happening - anyone?


How did you install this package, and which one is it? There’s a ton of Skype-related packages in the AUR.

According to Pamac it was installed 12/08/21 from the Snap repository from the stable channel with the version

Snaps and FlatPaks are containerized applications. They don’t have access to the full system resources, and they also have little to no interprocess communication going on with the rest of the system.

This is probably why your Skype package has no access to the normal font directory on your system. :thinking:

Thanks Aragorn.

How do I fix it?

Well, you could try installing the AUR version instead of the Snap version. :man_shrugging:

Thank you @Aragorn . While that definitely is a solution in the immediate short term, I’m left wondering why the Snap/Flatpak versions are not prepared for these types of issues and if in future they will find a solution that addresses or fixes the issue before distribution.
Perhaps contacting the original snap packager and informing them would be a good idea, or perhaps there is a place where that information is readily available and as I haven’t had the time to go find out then I should go look for it :slight_smile:

Anyway - thank you once again for your help.

Have a good weekend

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Snaps and FlatPaks are intended to be universally usable, but it is my experience that a lot of people have a very narrow definition of what constitutes the universe. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

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