Skipping timeshift-autosnap due skipRsyncAutosnap

Hello everyone.
I noticed this new thing, I think, this August. When I update apps with pamac I get this legend “skipping timeshift-autosnap due skipRsyncAutosnap”. I understand Timeshift is not backing up anything when updating.
Previously every time when I did and update, Timeshift created the corresponding backup. So, if anything failed, I was able to restore to previous state and continue working.
If I do “pacman -S…” from terminal, if updates ok, but still “skipping timeshift-autosnap due skipRsyncAutosnap” message.
Timeshift stand alone works ok: I manually run a full backup before every major update (i.e. last 5.22.4 plasma update). My kernel is LTS 5.10.56
Now I’m using only latest LTS kernels to avoid weird Manjaro´s errors.

Any thoughts?
Thank you very much

@enhonorspok Just edit the /etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf file and set


[By default, skipRsyncAutosnap is set to true, which means the autosnap is not created for filesystems other than btrfs]


It sounds counter-intuitive to have a package dedicated to automatic snapshots, for which you need to tell it to “really” make automatic snapshots… :unamused:

PS : I can’t get used to that new “unamused” emoji…

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