Skip interactivity for pacman -Syu

pacman -Syu requires to confirm or cancel installation.

  1. Is there any pacman argument to skip that interactivity and assume ‘yes’ (which is an option with any other package manager I am familiar with [apt, dnf/yum]) ?
  2. is it bad practice to do so (which may be the reason such an option wouldn’t exist)?
  1. --noconfirm
  2. Yes!
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thx … would you mind to elaborate why it’s bad practice?
The manual is neither very verbose about the why

It’s not a good idea to do this unless you want to run pacman from a script.

and yes, incorporating this into a script or cronjob would be the usecase

So that you can review what will happen.

After a kernel update, you should restart as soon as possible, so you might want to check first if a kernel will be updated. Or you’re running an important session in Firefox which will ask for a restart after it is updated.

Also unattended upgrades are heavily discouraged. As a rolling release, you can’t guarantee that the configs you currently have for your programs are valid after an update and they require manual intervention. When you do the update manually, so not in a cronjob, at least you know what was updated and can act accordingly.

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so, it’s the rolling release nature of arch/manjaro which may speak more against auto-upgrade then i.e. with debian, right?

While it is indeed possible - please keep in mind that --no-confirm corresponds to the default answer if Enter is pressed.

Sometimes the default answer is No .

It is bad practise because - bad things can happen - I cannot pop a rabbit - but I have used the escape route from time to time.


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