Size of icons on desktop?

In Linux Mint “Cinnamon”, to change the size of an icon on your desktop, you just right click–> Resize Icon.
However in Manjaro Cinnamon, there is no option in the menu to do this.
How are icons resized? Or must they all be set or nothing.

simple , with the mouse , right click, customize, then You will see the icon size tab

That allows you to change them all at once, but in Mint and Ubuntu you can drag and resize each individual icon picture on the desktop. That might not seem important until you have text in the icon that is too small to read.
To make them all large fills up the desktop and makes it cluttered. I’ve also frequently used this by say writing a note document reminder of some upcoming event and making the icon very large.
There is no way to set individual icon size?

Hi, this feature has been removed from version Cinnamon 3.4. But it can be activated again.
See here: How do I resize specific icons on Desktop? · Issue #1787 · linuxmint/nemo · GitHub

OMG, this is great, and what a quick fix.
Why would they get rid of this? It was the funnest thing about having windows.
Why you can do things like… have a safari wallpaper and turn all your icons into forest animals.
A mouse and elephant the exact same size on your desktop painting just won’t do lol.
I noticed it also turned off the snap-to grid, which is great. Now I can put them where I want them.
Just hope they aren’t all scrambled after rebooting.

Seems like all the icons stay put, but for some reason my Pleiosaur keeps jumping out of the water every time I reboot. Why just the one? Eh well. I will survive…

Maybe it will help if you adjust the grid.
Right mouse button on the desktop / Customize / Then set the grid.
We don’t want Nessi flying around! :slight_smile:

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