Since yesterday's update, external screen keeps flickering/vibrating and other issues

Since the last update from yesterday, when I connect my laptop (with Manjaro KDE) to an external screen, said screen starts flickering as if it was vertically shaking. If I disconnect the screen, the screen of the laptop turns black and there is no way to return to normal (without a forced shutdown and reboot). If I reconnect the screen, it is recognized but just displays a black screen. Without the external screen, the screen of the laptop is doing fine. I have the setting that if an external screen is connected, the one of the laptop should be turned off.

Things that I’ve tested so far:

  • Connecting the screen via another HDMI cable to the laptop → same behaviour.
  • Connecting the same screen to ANOTHER Manjaro KDE laptop (with the same or another HDMI-cable) → everything is fine.
  • Connecting a DIFFERENT screen to the laptop (again with the same or another HDMI-cable) → everything is fine.
  • Changing the compositor settings (rendering backend and vsync) → no effect.

I don’t even know what other data to provide so if you have any idea, please ask away!

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I have/had the same issue. I don’t understand why this worked for me, but I went to Display Configuration, went to my external screen, changed the Refresh rate to 50Hz and applied it, stopped the symptoms. Changed it back to 60 Hz, applied it, and the symptoms are still gone. Will let you know if it resumes at some point.


There’s a topic about this: [HowTo] Provide System Information

This might have just done it! I did as you said and then waited a few days: so far, problem’s solved!

I created an account here just to thank you. This has been bugging me for a long time and has been a big reason why I had to resort to booting in Windows lately. This also worked for my laptop on Manjaro KDE.

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